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CAST: Ryan Corr Anthony LaPaglia Phoenix Raei Lauren Campbell Alison Whyte Morgana O’Reilly Zenia Starr Robert Rabiah CREW: Maziar Lahooti Ian Wilding Nick Batzias Veronica Gleeson Kate Neylon Virginia Whitwell Michael McDermott Ken Sallows ASE Lawrie Cullen-Tait Lisa Gunning Ned Beckley and Josh Hogan

When darkweb con-artist Dougie (Ryan Corr) lands in the bloody deep end of a scam gone wrong, his gruff stepdad Terry (Anthony LaPaglia) agrees to pay off his debts. In return, Dougie must take a job at the refugee detention centre where Terry works. Ever the grifter, Dougie discovers a way to make extra cash by live-streaming the underground fight club run by the centre’s morally bankrupt security staff. But when things inevitably go south, Dougie may be the only one willing to take a stand.

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