Daughter Of The WolfMA15+

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Gina Carano; Richard Dreyfuss; Brendan Fehr; Sydelle Noel

Clair McKenna Gina Carano, an ex-military specialist, comes home to the recent news of her father’s passing only to find her 13-year-old son Charlie has been kidnapped. Instead of seeking help Clair takes one of the kidnappers, Larsen, hostage and forces him to lead her on a perilous journey to rescue her son from the mysterious figure know only as the Father Richard Dreyfuss. The trek takes Clair deep in the mountains of the Yukon, near the US – Canadian border as a winter storm approaches. As the odds of survival start to mount Clair has no choice, but to form an unlikely alliance with Larsen in order to save her son and survive the wild of the far North.

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