The Last WitnessM

Thriller Available for rent now


Alex Pettyfer, Michael Gambon, Talulah Riley

In post war England, ambitious journalist Stephen Underwood (Alex Pettyfer   Magic Mike, I am Number Four) comes across a disturbing spate of suicides by resettled Polish soldiers. Sensing a story, his first port of call is Colonel Janusz Pietrowski, a Liaison Officer for the re  settlement of Polish troops under British command. But the meeting leaves Stephen unsettled, and from here his investigation escalates as he finds himself embroiled in a dangerous, multi layered conspiracy concerning the execution of 22,000 Polish military and civilians by Stalin's secret police. Directed by BAFTA Award Nominee Piotr Szkopiak, The Last Witness is a first rate political thriller based on the harrowing true events of the Katyn Massacre in Spring 1940.

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