Manhunt CTC

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Martin Clunes, Stephen Wight, Claudie Blakley, Katie Lyons, Celyn Jones

Starring Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) as DCI Colin Sutton, the story begins in August 2004 when a young woman s body is found. Sutton is appointed senior investigating officer but initially struggles: there s no forensics, motive or witnesses. Painstaking detective work finally delivers a suspect – Levi Bellfield, but now the hunt is on for enough evidence to arrest him and make sure he s found guilty at trial. Manhunt follows the compelling story of how DCI Sutton charged one of Britain s most notorious killers with two murders, as well as an attempted murder, whilst also impelling Surrey police to consider Bellfield as prime suspect in the high-profile murder of Milly Dowler. Based on Sutton s memoirs, Manhunt is written by Ed Whitmore (Silent Witness, Rillington Place, Strike Back) and produced by Buffalo Pictures.

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